For our

We are a team of experienced, independent financing consultants with offices in Lüneburg and Hamburg.

We provide customised, precision-fit solutions for your financing needs that are bank-independent but make full use of the government funding opportunities (gran ts etc.).

As experts on the real estate sector who can call on our extens ive network of partners, we would be happy to work for you within Germany.

We can advise you by phone or videocall or in person, at one of our offices or in your home.

Your English-language contact with us is:

Eggo Rettmer Hamburg

Eggo Rettmer I Krediation
Partner I Head of our Hamburg representative office
Strandweg 71
22587 Hamburg, Germany

Mobile: +49 (0)152 0194520

We can offer you all this:
  • Access to over 300 banks, building societies and insurance comp anies
  • Bank-independent
  • Utilisation of government grants (including from the KfW, IB.SH, IFB HH and IBB)
  • Our extensive network of further financial experts and service providers
  • Cost-free consulting
  • Consultations and advice given in the English language
  • Advice and support given throughout the financing period
  • We can also handle your communications with banks, estate agent s and property developers for you
  • Embedding of building loan agreements and existing life insurance and pension insurance schemes in order to achieve credit optimisation
Financing and loan for different purpose like:
Real estate financings for natural persons, employers, independent entrepreneurs.
We do not focus on juristical Persons.
  • Purchasing I Construction
  • Renovation I Modernisation
  • Follow-up financing
  • Unrestricted usability
  • Unsecured loans
  • Forward loans
  • Debt restructuring
  • Commercial financing
  • Property developer financing
  • Foreign financing including:
    • Spain including Balearic and Canary Islands
    • Portugal